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ALIENO DA (1970). Leading man being made up under the eagle eye of Bido at 20. The make up girl is Marisa Andalò, future wife.
ALIENO DA (1970)
ALIENO DA (1970). A scene from the film.
ALIENO DA (1970). Antonio Bido besides being director, screenwriter and editor for experimental films is also director of photography and cameraman (a 16mm beaulieu.).
ALIENO DA (1970). The actors are heterogeneous: many of them straight from acting in university theatre and others who have never acted at all.
ALIENO DA (1970)
ALIENO DA (1970)
ALIENO DA (1970). Antonio Bido between sacred and profane love.
ALIENO DA (1970). The film had the support of cineclub members in Padua. First on the right is Ervino Wetzl, later to be first assistant director for "Il Gatto dagli occhi di Giada" and "Solamente Nero"
ALIENO DA (1970) After this scene where a dozen or so pots of colored paint were thrown all over the wall, a quick whitewashing job had to be done to avoid the ire of the owner...
AQUILE/ EAGLES. Poster of the tv series in which Antonio Bido oversaw the aerial sequences.
DIMENSIONI (1969) Masks and demons. A strong scene from this expressionist film.
Cover Photo (with timer) of the musical CD made by Antonio Bido and his wife for their friends in 1999.
Another record for friends. This time for Christmas.
Antonio Bido with Giuseppe Ferrara during the shooting of the documentary "La città del malessere". 1972
In these documentaries Bido had some hair-raising experiences. In this case he was attached to the back of a Formula Uno and did the entire Balocco circuit.
The director with camera aboard an Aermacchi MB 339 during the taxiing stage.
Left to right Antonio Bido, Maurizio Tedesco (editor of Gatto dagli occhi di giada and today a producer) and the director Jancso.
Poster of POETA SALTIMBANCO a Franco Califano recital which Bido directed.
Poster of Ping-Pong, a theatre play directed by Bido.
A photo from the short MOTO PERPETUO 1972
Antonio Bido filming the air sequences in AQUILE from a helicopter.
Antonio Bido in 1968

Antonio Bido before and after a flight on a naval Harrier. To shoot many of his documentaries Bido flew almost every type of military helicopter and jet.
A recent photo of Antonio Bido in his study.

In Giuseppe Ferrara's "FACCIA DI SPIA" Antonio Bido did a bit of everything. Mainly first assistant director but also director of photography and cameraman in some of the sequences.
Antonio Bido during the shooting of a Q8 commercial.
Antonio Bido aboard a G.222 of the Aeronautica, during the air shots.
Antonio Bido ready to take off in a naval AB-212.

Antonio Bido during the shooting of his latest commercial in 2004

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